Red List for Birds

The IINH Red List for Birds from 2018 (Válisti fugla 2018, in Icelandic) is the most recent inventory of threatened bird species in Iceland. Assessment of bird species is as per the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria. All bird species that have been sighted in Iceland were examined. In accordance with the guidelines for application of IUCN Red List criteria at regional and national levels (Version 4.0), assessment was only carried out for those species that have either reproduced here for at least 10 consecutive years or are regular visitors.

Classification of birds on the 2018 Red List follows the risk categories defined by the IUCN in 2017, the guidelines for using the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria (Version 13), and the guidelines for application of IUCN Red List criteria at regional and national levels (Version 4.0).

A total of 91 species were assessed, and 41 species are on the IINH’s 2018 Red List. As of 2018, one species is classified as globally extinct (EX), three species are regionally extinct (RE) as breeding birds in Iceland, three are Critically Endangered (CR), seven are endangered (EN), and 11 are vulnerable (VU). An additional two species could likely end up on the Red List but currently fall into the category of Data Deficient (DD). Finally, eight bird species are near threatened (NT).

Species within each category are listed in alphabetical order. Their scientific names are as prescribed by the IUCN, based on the species list of BirdLife International.

The Red List assessment for Icelandic bird species is generally focused on the breeding population (B), but in several cases focuses on migratory visitors and wintering populations (V). Species that have been downlisted as per the IUCN regional guidelines are identified with an asterisk: (*) by one category, (**) by two categories.

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